Write an essay on the cause of road accident in nigeria

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The data depicted in all Chapter 3 figures cover commercial jet aircraft heavier than 60, pounds. Accidents involving heavy goods vehicles especially coaches and lorries with trailers occur all too frequently despite caIls for responsible behaviour, for respect of the loading regulations and the highway code, as well as the obligation for drivers to adapt their speed, which affects stopping distances, to the traffic and weather conditions rain, ice, fog, etc.

Primarily, accidents are caused by people. Subsequently, the rescue plan or red alert for rail disasters can be activated by higher political authorities. Putting on makeup, trying to call someone, etc. With cell phones, texting, GPS displays, Videoscreens, in-car computers, and so forth its believed that the rateswill continue to rise.

Intervention and rescue measures The control of all accidents is, in the first instance, the responsibility of the commander chief and personnel of the affected means of transport.

Our prayer is, very soon Boko Haram and terrorism will be completely defeated. Every standard report starts out with an official national population statistics, with which the number of fatalities perinhabitants is calculated.

Because there are so few accidents in the United States relative to the number of flights, focusing safety programs on accidents alone addresses only a small fraction of potential accidents and is reactive rather than proactive. The aircraft sustains damage or structural failure that adversely affects the structural strength, performance, or flight characteristics of the aircraft and would normally require major repair or replacement of the affected component.

They can, if need be, call upon local fire brigades and civil defence reinforcements. A conclusion drawn by Nigeria watch states that next to Boko Haram insurgency, road accident is the second highest source of violent death in Nigeria. I say that to avoid accidents on the road everyone should just follow the laws and traffic lights.

People who are also bad at driving will pick the wrong lane, and this causes accidents. But this offence that has claimed and is still claiming several lives is only a 3 points offence in the FRSC traffic offence and penalties, with a fine of NGN 3, only. This is mostly common among commercial drivers and drivers of Very Important Personalities VIPs and government officials.

Looking through the years, the report shows that people were injured in road accidents between andand the extent of their injury is unknown. It is up to them to limit the resulting damage as much as possible. Is when you are on the road, driving, and get in some type of accident.

The National Academies Press. Number one cause since the invention of the automobile remainsdistracted drivers. Other law enforcement agencies at both state and federal level also need to trained and synergize with the FRSC.

These hazards include potholes, damaged road sections and other objects e. As far as search, rescue and assistance operations are concerned, the means or system of transport involved and the area country where it occurs will determine who is the person in charge at the disaster site.

This is ridiculously high by global standard and totally untrue according to the report from the FRSC, but no one has until now, publicly challenge this report and this is unfortunately the information available to the world on Wikipedia.

According to the report, one in every four road accident deaths in Africa occurs in Nigeria. More vehicles on the road usually lead to more road accident as the risk of accident is increased with exposure.

Like Ikorodu road in Lagos, Lugbe road in Abuja, intersections in Kaduna, Wamba road in Nasarawa, bridge in Anambra, and so on within the states where accidents are known to be frequent?

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This way, road crashes caused by badly managed vehicles are avoided to the barest minimum. Hip prosthesis aspiration technique Essay on lilly ledbetter fair pay actthe outsiders essay on ponyboy essay topics 8th grade english essay writing character analysis essay middle school.

It continues to be a growing concern to all those who uses the roads. Seek refuge at a sufficient distance.

Write An Essay On The Causes Of Road Traffic Accidents In Nigeria

If the aircraft happens to be landing at an airport with runways of the minimum required length with water hazards at the end, there could be a catastrophe.

Write an essay on the theme of my last duchess papers romeo and the uks leading essay using evidence from an analysis reading theme. The use of remediation therapy for drink driving offenders will reduce the number that reoffend.

Fatality is a term for people killed in road accident either immediately or within 30 days from the day of crash.Write an essay on road accident in nigeria. olippu essay about myself polio research paper organized crime in the s essays interest groups and political parties essay writer.

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B. Raheem1, W. A. Olawoore1, D. P. Olagunju1, E. M. Adeokun2 1.

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Accident, Inability to forecast travel time, Fuel consumption, Road rage and environmental pollution. joeshammas.com(4)9/Cpdf.

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For example, the structure of the road is not flat, smooth, maze, narrow, dark and did not cause the driver to see and predict any obstruction to be encountered during driving Climatic Factor It is saying because of heavy rains limit visibility thereby affect the driving of the driver and the accident occurred Vehicles factor The vehicles are joeshammas.com Critical Essay: Causes of Vehicle Accidents This essay works to show that even though additional safety measures may help people stay safe on the roads, it is the responsibility of drivers to ensure they remain safe.

There should be no reason to drive off the joeshammas.com://joeshammas.com Write an essay on the cause of road accident in nigeria. 4 stars based on 77 reviews joeshammas.com Essay. Compare and contrast essay objective history of timekeeping essay help kenyon cox eclogue analysis essay why was quarry bank mill so successful essays, descriptive joeshammas.com  · Sample essay on an accident for school and college students.

Accidents or mishaps keep happening every day and every now and then.

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Some mishaps are unnoticeable or are a nuisance, others get serious and unavoidable. One trips and falls while looking at a poster, other clashes into a pole, still joeshammas.com

Write an essay on the cause of road accident in nigeria
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