Speech about gangs essay

Gang Violence and Crime Essay

Examples of these groups include the Mexican mafia, black guerrilla family, Aryan Brotherhood, and La Neustra Familia.

Questions to consider are: New inmates often affiliate themselves with various groups for protection purposes. Finally, it will indicate the sources that set those norms and thus have the ability to define gang violence as an abnormal social conduct.

This group represent northern California and are identified by tattoos on their bodies normally a dagger with the letters NF. Gang injunction persuasive essay for it 5 stars based on reviews. The gang is also involved in criminal activities like theft, burglary, shooting and homicides.

When the leaders are identified, they are spread on different prisons across America. The prison officers introduced this system to reduce the fights and murders inside the prison. This is one of the oldest gangs in prisons. Their activities share many characteristics with organized crime, although the common term of gangs usually relates much more to street groups of young delinquents, whose actions are less sophisticated and are narrower in scope than those of the mafia, for instance.

The purpose of this gang was to protect the countryside Mexican-American prisoners from killer gangs, mainly from the metropolitan Mexican-American prisoners connected with the Mexican mafia. The purpose of isolating prisoners is to protect the safety of other inmates and staff.

Members of this group represent southern California.

A speech on gangs for school?

They educate themselves not only on the streets but also on education wise. Gore in television also takes a big part in influencing young minds.

Okay do not copy this word for word: This group was established during s. Thus, although juvenile violence and crime can be linked to inferior socioeconomic conditions and racial issues, it is clear that gangs nurture young offenders towards lives of crime. Let me start off by describing to you people what a gang is.

Thus a gore fascination is formed, and has been seen in several of my peers. Rehabilitation and Reintegration Prison gang members are a difficult population to engage in rehabilitative services.

Prison Gangs Essay

Many shows on television today are extremely violent and are often shown this from a gang's perspective. These gangs operate according to the prisons that they occupy.

However, this structure was later abolished as the gang members tried to establish equality among themselves. Some prison gangs were once street gangs then imported into the prison.

They attend college courses offered within the prison system and take much interest in learning as much as they can. Unfortunately kids raised with this sort of television end up growing up with a stronger propensity to becoming a violent gang member or 'violent- acceptant' person.

Retrieved July 16, from http: Prison gangs will often identify as a religious group in order to conduct their activities. Pelican Bay prison processes occur smoothly and in a respectable manner as opposed to San Quentin or other California prisons because Pelican Bay houses majority of gang leaders.

The chief source of income for Nuestra Familia is from drug distribution within the prison system and in the outside community through employing drug distributors on the streets. Communication The prison gangs communicate through inmates who have forthcoming freedom dates. All of these, as well as rival gangs, may label the gang activities as unacceptable and those pose a direct threat on the group and its members, in particular whenever local norms and customs are more decisive than the law.

Results There are different prison gangs currently in power within prisons today.

Gang Violence and Crime Essay

Unemployment in kazakhstan essay about myself simone wapler critique essay. The aim of this short report is threefold:Sep 27,  · Gang Violence Essay Words | 8 Pages Carolina Governor’s crime commission states that there are 1, gangs across the state with a.

Informative Speech On Street Gangs. Gangs A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior.

When a new. Prison Gangs Essay Prison gangs are a prominent problem in many correctional institutions across the country. The violence and racial tension associated with prison gangs impacts the operation of entire correctional systems.

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Speech about gangs essay
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