Hessian mercenaries

Once there, they discovered a thriving German-American community of almostpeople. The number of their direct descendants living in the U. To begin with, the Declaration of Independence was wrong: Once there, they discovered a thriving German-American community of almostpeople.

About 18, Hessian troops arrived in Colonial America inwith more coming in later. German soldiers had served many European nations in a similar fashion for years, but they were not true mercenaries. In total, nearly 30, German soldiers fought for the British in North America.

An assortment of Hessians fought in the battles and campaigns in the southern states during —80 including Guilford Courthouseand two regiments fought at the Siege of Yorktown in That number Hessian mercenaries reach as high as 50 percent over 10 or 11 months, depending on the regiment and the circumstances.

Soubise ordered his troops to live off the land while taking high-ranking hostages and extorting payments of cash and produce; the intention being to force the withdrawal of Hessian troops from the war.

Hessian (soldier)

German troops served throughout the Revolution, and were both feared and admired for their discipline and ferocity. Rall's regiment was captured, and many of the soldiers were sent to Pennsylvania to work on farms.

Moral factors were involved as well. As a consequence, during the war and ever since, all of the Germans fighting with the British were lumped together and called Hessians.

Hessian (soldier)

The officer corps usually consisted of career officers who had served in earlier European wars. While the German troops were well paid, they did not receive any bonuses for service with Great Britain. Initially, subsidies had been used to maintain the army: The Hessian countryside was still strongly Calvinist in practice.

They were armed mainly with smoothbore muskets, while the Hessian artillery used 3-pound guns. Knyphausen gave the honor of requesting the American surrender to Colonel Johann Rall. In Karl sent 3, of his subjects to serve William of Orange. By contrast, British prisoners were also held in Lancaster, but these men did not respond favorably to good treatment — they tried to escape.

Prince Eugene of Austria, also no mean judge of fighting men, took 10, Hessians into Italy in and led another contingent against the Turks in Hungary.

They entered the British service not as individuals but in entire units, with their usual uniforms, flags, equipment, and officers.

When the Margrave of Ansbach received word of the riot, he rode through the night to get to Ochsenfurt.

Who were the hessian mercenaries?

Benjamin Franklin wrote an article which claimed a Hessian commander wanted more of his soldiers dead so that he could be better compensated. InJohn Bigelow translated it to English from a French version and claimed that Benjamin Franklin wrote it, including it in his biography, The Life of Benjamin Franklin, published that year.

Later in the war, the regiments had only to men. Meeting the original number required mobilizing four garrison regiments in addition to the field army. Of the 12, who did not, about 7, had died, some 1, were killed in action and 6, died from illness or accidents.Germans in the American Revolution Jump to Historian Charles W.

Ingrao examines The Hessian Mercenary State: Ideas, Institutions, and Reform under Frederick II, (). The mercenaries of Hesse were very well trained and equipped; they fought well for whoever was paying their prince.

For many Hessians, the possibilities in this rich, new land with its growing German population was a great enticement to desertion—a fact that Americans worked hard to promote with promises of.

Dec 06,  · The Hessian's mercenaries where German troops sent to America to aid the British. In fact at the fa mouse battle at Trenton (I think when they crossed the New jersey river on Christmas day) The American forces attacked a hessian camp/joeshammas.com: Resolved.

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Germans in the American Revolution

The characterization of Hessian troops as "mercenaries" remains controversial over two centuries later. American history textbooks refer to the Hessians as "mercenaries." American historian Charles Ingrao said that the local prince had turned Hesse into a "mercenary state" by renting out his regiments to fund his government.

Hessian mercenaries
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