Christians restoring the environment

Immense deforestation internationally has had a negative effect on the climate as it has led to increase in temperatures ad melting of ice.

Wise Christians will therefore respect a prudent environmentalism but will oppose those extremists who seek to exploit concern for the environment for the sake of their own hidden religious and political agendas. Finally, ERS gave the inspiration and impetus for the formation of the Alberta Recycling Systems Society ARCSwhich has taken leadership in decontaminating and recycling used appliances refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers and plastic products.

To provide Christians worldwide with carefully researched information and well-reasoned answers that encourage them in their faith and equip them to intelligently represent it to people influenced by ideas and teachings that assault or undermine orthodox, biblical Christianity.

But even those who do not believe in God are seeing that, left unchecked, man will cause the destruction of nature. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, humans have produced far less air pollution than that produced by just three volcanic eruptions: Hence, Christians should not neglect the responsibility of working with God to protect and preserve all the creations.

We must not selfishly keep the good news to ourselves.

The Environment: What Can Christians Do?

The glory days of science's successes, finding a cure for polio, harnessing the atom and putting a man on the moon, are now viewed in the context of the hidden costs to the environment of our progress.

University of Chicago Press,xv-xxiii, But what are the alternatives? For that reason I cannot recommend this book as a real contribution to the Christian approach to environmental problems.

Environmentalists who worry about the effect of chlorine on stratospheric ozone seldom mention that volcanoes and other natural phenomena pump million tons of chlorine into the atmosphere each year, many times the amount of stratospheric chlorine traceable to such chloro-fluoro carbons as freon.

What we fail to realize is that Christians have a sacred responsibility to the earth and the creatures within it. Others are hoping that our technology will provide us with a miracle cure through things like pollution free energy and wonder drugs.

He sends us adversity to remind us that even as we are straying from Him, He is protecting and sustaining us. Second, as many as three species a day become extinct.

The Environment: What Can Christians Do?

But rather than seeing the scars on the land as an indication that God is displeased with us, the violence of this decaying world causes people to question whether there is a God. Man is a part of nature, yet it is man that is being restricted. But, because of man's sinful heart, the first option has been utilized more often than not.

Because the environmental movement has been co-opted by those involved in the New Age Movement particularly, many Christians have begun to confuse interest in the environment with interest in pantheism and have hesitated to get involved.

Jesus was commenting on this "pollution," when He spoke about our uncleanness: Technology puts the creation to man's use, but unnecessary waste and pollution degrades it and spoils the creation's ability to give glory to its Creator.

The deep ecologists are pantheistic fanatics with New Age, Hindu, or Buddhist overtones. We no longer need them to survive. People should know by our work and lives that we follow — in word and deed — the Son, who is beautiful Savior and Lord of creation.

Fifth, pollution is rapidly becoming a global problem. Six-figure salaries abound in the offices of these organizations.

The real pollution is flowing out from within us. Can Christians not collectively gain the vision of conserving creation, calling people including Christians and organizations to conversion, and becoming partners with God in creating models that will demonstrate to the fallen principalities and powers a future that is worthy of the reign of God?

The image of God 2 Cor. Francis Schaeffer, Pollution and the Death of Man: As a consequence, legitimate concern for the environment and the future of humanity on an earth with limited resources is being infiltrated with and captivated by some of the most eccentric and quasi-pagan varieties of radical feminism.

Regrettably, these people would not have heard even from me had I not mistaken them for a Christian group when I accepted their invitation to speak.

According to Lady of Mercy Collegepeople in poor countries have been affected by environmental destruction.

It believes all of life is one, indivisible whole. Tyndale House Publishers, Ownership is in the hands of the Lord. But what are the alternatives? Faith in science has caused us think we are masters of our own fate.Should Christians Work to Protect the Environment? Billy Graham’s Answer Earth Day is one of many opportunities environmentalists take to bring light to renewable energy, recycling and other ways to “go green.”.

Should Christians Work to Protect the Environment? Billy Graham’s Answer Earth Day is one of many opportunities environmentalists take to bring light to renewable energy, recycling and.

Christian Environmentalism – A Biblical Worldview Perspective on You and the Earth

Christian Environmentalism. Article contributed by Probe Ministries There are so many other significant issues that occupy our attention that we seem to think of the environment as somebody else's issue.

Many Christians are openly skeptical of the reality of any environmental crisis. It’s viewed as a liberal issue, or New Age propaganda.


Christian Environmentalism – A Biblical Worldview Perspective on You and the Earth

Bohlin states Christianity provides the only rational framework for thinking about the environment. Pantheism and naturalism provide only pragmatic, short-term, and self-defeating alternatives in the environmental crisis. Applying a biblical worldview, Christians can take an active role in caring for our environment.

A true Christian environmental ethic differs from the naturalistic and pantheistic ethics in that it is based on the reality of God as Creator and man as his image-bearer and steward. God is the Creator of nature, not part of nature. Saving The Planet (And Other Environmental Misconceptions) Thursday, August 30th, as though our defiance of these laws had no impact on the environment.

We assume that such restrictions were given for no purpose and that there will be no consequences to our immoral and decadent behavior. Advice For Christians Read .

Christians restoring the environment
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